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Skopje Dance Theatre and Adrijana Danchevska (North Macedonia)

Don’t Touch My Eyes (25‘)

NOASS, Rīga, AB dambis 2

June 16th 2022, 21:00

Choreography: Adrijana Danchevska 

Dancers: Dejan Bitrovski, Anastasija Danchevska

Music: “Artefakt”, Gordan Spasovski Trio

Production: Skopje Dance Theater, 2021

Don’t Touch My Eyes is identified with the Macedonian people. It glorifies life, the beauty in the simplicity and the anger in the existence.

 (When you’re gone, you may reappear again.)

“Follow politics and heads up to the sun”.

Skopje Dance Theater lead by one of the most popular Macedonian choreographer Risima Risimkin is the first professional contemporary dance company in N. Macedonia. The company is based in Skopje, capitol of North Macedonia. Founded in 2011, Skopje Dance Theater is producing several premieres by year and has guest tours in N. Macedonia, Europe, USA and China. Adrijana Dancevska is one of the first young choreographers of the Skopje Dance Theater.

From the very beginning, the aesthetics of the theater is modern, fresh and requires new challenges, developing its own philosophy, based on research and new experimental expressions. Skopje Dance Theater has guest choreographers from abroad, but also, promotes young emerging artist and new choreographers. Skopje Dance Theater has produced more than 30 productions in the last 10 years. The company has a strong connection with Skopje/Shtip Dance Academy, which is the first academy on university level for contemporary dance in the whole region, founded by Risima Risimkin in partnership with prestigious Rotterdam Dance Academy from CODARTS University, Netherlands.