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Ilze Zirina (Latvia)

Welcome to JAM!

Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra muzejs, Rīga, E.Smiļģa 37/39

June 14th 2022, 21.00

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Ilze Zirina (Latvia)
Reliable dance representative since 1997: has become a good dancer in Olga Zitlukhina’s dance company, where she has spent 14 years. To be a good teacher – still learning… since 2002, working at the Latvian Culture College, the Latvian Culture Academy, as well as gaining experience in facilitating classes at festivals, summer schools, non – formal education programs for various interest groups both here and abroad.
Contact improvisation helps to continuously improve oneself as a receptive, responsive person who is aware of him/herself as a small but integral part of something big and interconnected.
Contact improvisation she has been practiced for about 20 years.

Welcome to JAM!

Communication without words. Being together but with yourself. Listening to many diverse stories in one space and time. Answering by surprising yourself. Playing. Exchanging. Learnig. Daring… If you want to experience it – come to the JAM session on Tuesday, June 14 at 21:00 at E.Smiļģis Museum! I will facilitate warm up and then – in your own adventures, still being together …