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Fiona Millward (United Kingdom)

“Touch & perception and anatomy into movement improvisation”

Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra muzejs, Rīga, E.Smiļģa 37/39

June 16th 2022, 15.00-16.30 

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Fiona Millward has been working as a dance artist since 1985. With the desire to create an integrated approach to all of her work and a curiosity about how we move through life – she also works as a Franklin Method™ Educator, Certified Rolfer™/Rolf Movement Practitioner, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Teacher and Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach. She is particularly inspired by, and continues to study, the work of Chemist, Rolfer and Dancer Hubert Godard – whose work offers rich and stimulating perspectives on movement.

My interest (and need) as both dancer (and human being) is to continually refresh my perspective and undo habitual patterning as a catalyst for adaptability and creativity. This session will use aspects of touch and imagery alongside anatomical and perceptual explorations to deepen the experience of how we each uniquely orient in gravity, space, and in relation to each other. Time will be given throughout the session to savour and move from these new perspectives and orientations. All are welcome as we listen, refresh and re-tune, taste the new, and embody shifting perceptions.