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Yaroslav Kainar (Ukraine)

Annihilation (35’)

NOASS, Rīga, AB dambis 2

June 17th 2022, 19:00

Annihilation is a purely scientific term, but in the context of dance, it is combined with contemporary art, becoming the engine of performance, an irreversible process. One of the best dancers in Ukraine, Yaroslav Kainar, in his solo, goes to a special state in which he is able to perceive the most invisible vibrations of the outside world. At the time of the performance, it becomes an archiving substance that responds to every impulse: sound, light, vibration. It is both fragile and graceful.

Yaroslav Kainar since 2014 is a dancer in Totem Dance Theatre (Kyiv, Ukraine) and a teacher of contemporary dance and modern jazz in the Totem Dance School. As a dancer Yaroslav has worked in cooperation with the H. Veryovka Ukrainian National Honoured Academic Folk Choir as a performer dancer and in Ukrainian Dance Theatre (UDT, 2018-2019). 

He has participated in such major international festivals and competitions as IFMC (Vitebsk), Serge Lifar Competition (Donetsk), Zelyonka Fest 2,3,4 (Kyiv), Solo dance Ankara (Turkey), Gdansk solo dance (Poland), 7th International Festival of Ukrainian Theatre “East-West” (Poland) and is the winner of the XXVII International Competition of contemporary choreography IFMC (Vitebsk) – II Prize.

 Yaroslav is a performer of the solo performance “Phobos” directed by Christina Shishkareva, “Game Zone” by  Anton Safonov , “The Cube”, “Between us”, (choreographer  – Chevi Muraday, Spain), “Les Noces” and “The Rite of the Spring”  by Jacek Łumiński (Poland, Lublin), “ACTO”, “Anima Oscura” (choreographer Francesco Annarumma, Italy). Yaroslav is a choreographer and dancer of the dance performance  “Dynamic” (Kyiv, 2021), “ARKAN” (Kyiv, 2021), “Metamorphosis” for ALTstage experience with VR (Kyiv, 2021).