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Rūta Pakalne (Latvia / Estonia), Indreks Kornels (Estonia)

Performance “Between Two Buttocks” (15’)

Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra muzejs, Rīga, E.Smiļģa 37/39

June 18th 2022, 13:00

Authors and performers: Rūta Pakalne, Indrek Kornel

Do we need technique? Is a dancer a slave of their own technique?

These types of statements were asked by two wise men of Estonia.

Fast-forward into the modern world and here is Rūta and Indrek. 

Two dancers, who started working together and started to question the wise men who questioned. Rūta and Indrek have totally different backgrounds (this is not a statement, this is a fact).

Indrek had no technique, he was an IT guy who had no idea what body is other than to use it as transportation for your brain, and decided at 18 to try folk dance and go to dance studies at the fragile age of 23. Now he has a bit of technique, but what is it?

Rūta has a lot of technique and movement as second nature from an early age. She has gone through several schools – Latvian Academy of Culture, PARTS and many workshops. She has gathered an appropriate dance baggage. 

In a way two contrasting backgrounds arrive at the same question about those questions.

What do we question?


What do we want to do?


What do we miss?


What is the base?

TECHNIQUE (but not only) ?!? 😏😏 


Creation and destruction in passive aggressive behavior models. What does it mean to dance in a passive aggressive way? At what point will something so common in our personal lives create a Stockholm complex within us.

This is about shared experience on our personal levels. We are different, but the topic that connects is the same. Our experiences correlate with the words PTSD, fight for survival, compensatory mechanics. 

What do those experiences give? Some topics can be gathered and discussed only with people who have this shared common experience. An alcoholic can be brought out most effectively from the addiction by a person who has come out of it. How does this correlate to us working together and where will it arrive?

This is a process of healing, living and being at peace but inspiring others with stories from our lives.

How to be playful and caring with you as the audience and us people. It is to have fun about the severity of life. 

So passive aggression, we notice it because we are the victims and you as well. Aggressors speak first, we have not spoken, maybe it is time to start a dialogue. We are starting the dialogue in our dance. Us two. How ultimate is what it creates. How to destroy this world of aggression without it destroying us. How to stay playful and comical about it. That is what we dance.