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“Gruppen Fyra” un Kauri Honkakoski (Finland)

Soiree (70’)

ZIRGU PASTS, Rīga, Dzirnavu iela 46

June 13th 2022, 19:00

Direction: Kauri Honkakoski
Performance: Tommi Haapaniemi, Virpi Juntti, Pia Liski, Katri Soini
Gaismas dizains: Sisu Nojonen
Light design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Video: Jonathan Rankle
Production: Gruppen Fyra

The Soiree (Juhlat) is a show about the fear of life, and about dancing on the ruins of the world.

The inward-turned world of four people is coloured by desperately clinging to the past: something has ended a long time ago, but they are unable to let go. Time drags forward unsteadily, and the four grow older in their dilapidated epoch. The Soiree is a dark, but humorous show combing physical and dance theatre. The tragicomic image of humanity depicted in the work draws inspiration from the heritage of Eugène Ionesco and Samuel Beckett.

Dance company Gruppen Fyra is a Finnish contemporary dance group, established in 1998. Gruppen Fyra is a fresh breeze in the field of Finnish contemporary dance. The repertoire consists of works that combine dance, dance theater and humor. Their style of making high-level and easily approachable contemporary dance filled with humour has been received with great enthusiasm.

Kauri Honkakoski practices physical theater. Their artistic roots are based in the art of pantomime. Kauri’s style is known for both its rich physical expression and its emotional intensity.

Kauri currently lives in Helsinki, Finland, but previously lived in the UK, where gained professional experience working with theater companies such as Theater de L’Age Fou and Punchdrunk in London, as well as working with the Helsinki City Theater in Finland. Honkakoski’s works have been shown in Finland, Great Britain, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and Brazil.