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Stāmerienas Pils, Stāmeriena, Stāmerienas pag.

June 21th 2022, 18:00 and 21:00

Creators and performers: Olga Zitluhina (Latvia), Ramona Galkina (Latvia), Vilnis Bīriņš (Latvia), Tiina Ollesk (Estonia), Renee Nõmmik (Estonia), Solveig Leinan-Hermo (Norway), Nikolay Shchetnev (Norway), Virpi Juntti (Finland), Oleg Ostanin (Finland), Fiona Millward (United Kingdom), Toby Gunn (Sweden), Goda Laurinavičiūtė (Lithuania)

Sound and music: Hans Gunther Lock, Otto Iivari (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) Gerhard Lock, Ardo Richter (Tallinn University).

Producer, manager: Baiba Ozoliņa

The body is the zero point of the world, the place where paths and spaces cross…. It is the tiny utopian core at the centre of the world.

Michel Foucault

Becoming present reveals the gained experience and history we all carry within us, with our interest for performance RAZDEDAUCH being to illuminate that uniqueness and savour both our commonalities and differences within the process of creating. The particularity of the past two years has challenged, shaped and expanded our shared practice, becoming a catalyst for the interweaving themes of breath, physical proximity, and boundaries. Coming from different countries our meetings have been few and fleeting and have taken many different forms and constellations, yet, something meaningful always comes into existence when we are simply present in a moment with each other. Underscoring this project of mature dance artists from different backgrounds is the celebration of the notion that dance and dancing belongs to everyone – at every age.

What does the word razdedauch mean? The name comes from a joke about a Gala performance from many years ago. In this particular Gala one of the respected MCs was to introduce the next act of a ballett pas de deux – a short duet dance from one of the iconic classical ballets – but accidentally pronounced pas de deux as raz de dauch. This joke delighted us as we resonated with the ‘creative interpretation’ that often happens in this multilingual project, evoking different and intriguing thoughts about understanding dance, dancing and dancers within different cultures and societies.

RAZDEDAUCH was created as part of the BET – Body Experience Time through 45+dancers project. This project envisions itself as a co-operative network of seven European, Scandinavian and Baltic dance institutions and independent artists in partnership with local artists, cultural institutions, schools and universities. 

The three main partners and organisers of the project, supported by Creative Europe and several local institutions from participating countries are: Fine5 Tantsuteater, Tallinn, Estonia, association PARTY, Riga, Latvia and Stellaris DansTeater AS, Hammerfest, Norway. 

Supporters: Estonian Ministry of Culture, Tallinn City, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Tanssiteatteri MD (Tampere, Finland), Hammerfest Commune, Arts Promotion Centre Finland.