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“Sixth” (Latvia)


Dirty Deal Teatro, Rīga, Talsu iela 1

2022. gada 12. jūnijs, 19:00

In collaboration with Dirty Deal Teatro

Choreographer: Emanuēla Košina

Director: Klāvs Kristaps Košins

Music: Viljams Gella

Designer: Elīna Šteinberga

Producer: Ģertrūde Upeniece

Performers: Gundega Rēdere, Roberta Gailīte, Simona Ozola, Kitija Geidāne, Katrīna Stepiņa, Līva Apšeniece, Ģirts Dubults, Marģers Vanags, Vladimirs Goršantovs, Oskars Moore

With the support of the Latvian Academy of Culture.

This drama-based dance performance is based on the myth of Orpheus. A reflection on the eternal themes – love, trust, faith, disappointment. The pursuit of a goal, according to the authors, is what they face and what is important to anyone at all times. The performance is a reflection on what helps us to move forward without looking back – individually and as a society. Fight for what is missing to reach the goal.

The material is choreographically complex. For every dancer it’s like a struggle – the fighting process – whether the dancer will cope with it.

Fear arises from mistrust, doubts about oneself and others. The performance is about fear and the ability to overcome it, about the fear of young people at the beginning of life, the fear of lovers at the end of it. The performance is based on the myth of Orpheus, his way to the beyond to regain his wife Eurydice. When she is recovered Orpheus must not look back at his beloved until both of them have reached the surface. But he looked back and lost his wife forever. This contemporary dance performance is as an attempt by Orpheus to cope without succumbing to fears and doubts. The path to go without looking back, trusting and believing. The true presence, openness and honesty of each performer, both towards himself and towards the viewer, is important. The aim of the show is to remind that each of us is an individual and forms is apart of a larger whole.

SIXTH is an association of 14 dancers who have a similar worldview. Each member is a dancer and a choreographer. Young artists are following the working model and friendly relationship they have established  during their studies at The Latvian Academy of Culture. SIXTH participants are like-mind artists interested in movement and dance in its most sensitive way. They want to address the viewer with a truthfulness and depth. They aim to create contemporary, inclusive art – performances that shed the light on actual topics in society and offer the opportunity to listen to the stories that have personally touched  themselves. Socially sensitive, everyday topics but the most important at the moment.