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Short films

Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra muzejs, Rīga, E.Smiļģa 37/39

June 14th 2022, 19:00

Vilnis Bīriņš (Latvia)

Idea and performance: Vilnis Bīriņš
Choreography: Ramona Galkina un Vilnis Bīriņš
Camera: Reinis Aristovs
Editing director: Armands Začs
Video: Viktors Keino
Light: Dainis Sumiskis
Music: Fils Uno / Fil Uno „Tormenta de Plata” (Peru)
2021 | LV | 8 min.

For a desperate effort to remember and the courage to look in the eyes of our memories The short film is one of the three parts of the project “Brother”, which includes the walk / performance, the performance and the short film. Each part of the project is an independent work, but together it is a study of what happens to our memories, how the memories turn into different stories and legends.

Sintija Žīgure (Latvia)

Author, choreographer: Sintija Žīgure
Performers: Kylie Miller and Ellie Bishop
Director: Nathalie Tylor
Sound: Gavin Lopez-Smith
Location: Iona Beach Regional Park, Canada
2021 | LV | 8 min.

“LILOU” is a dance short film that explores the processes of transcending and transitioning to specific emotional states. How do we find a solid foundation through the presence of negative emotions. The process by which the echoes of loneliness become close allies.

Agnese Vanaga (Latvia/Argentina)
“reQUIem. Part I (17’)

Directing / choreography / preformance:
Agnese Vanaga
Special participation: Aiwin Tormo
Camera and film making: Jeremias Ferreri
Mentoring: Melina Seldes
Costumes: Laura Sol Torrecilla
Audiovisual production: Landra Caravana
Eq un Master:Santino Fernández Frediani
Music: “Kumbia Queers”
Special thanks to: Andrea Manso, Planta Inclan, Rabiaindumentaria
Supported by: Prodanza, FNA Argentina, Valsts Kultūrkapitālfonds

…recreate, rehabilitate, reconstruct, rewind, resell, reinvent, realize, rehearse, reduce, relate, record, resume, renovate, recalculate, rebound, recompose, recirculate, reintegrate, resign…. December 2020 – December 2021. Pandemy. An audiovisual dance short film where the mental and physical body show and question through dance, a path that seeks to find the balance in relation to gravity. Balance as a sensation and also as a whole action in itself, as movement, a state, a condition outside of “sociocultural” associated with disconnection. Dance as an encounter with a dynamic subjectivity that we ignore. reQuiem to whatever is as a tale, an event or an infinite state.